School Program


Jannie Borst

Tumor Immunology

Doreen Cantrell

Environment sensing signaling pathways in T cells

James Di Santo

Innate immunity / Lymphoid cells

Steffen Jung

Macrophages and system immunology

Wolfgang Kastenm├╝ller

Concepts of T cell biology from a spatiotemporal perspective

Andrew J. Macpherson

Sovereignty and borders between mammals, their immune system and the microbiota

Rick Maizels

Parasites – friends or foes of a healthy immune system

Bernard Malissen

Systems immunology of T cell-DC encounters

Annette Oxenius

Adaptive immunity and viral infections

Massimiliano Pagani

Single cell omics in tumor immunology

Andreas Radbruch

The resting and the restless immunological memory

Katja Simon

Autophagy in immunity

Henrique Veiga-Fernandes

Innate lymphoid cells and the second brain

Lucy Walker

Keeping CD4 T cells in check