Laura Surace Bio 2024

Laura Surace studied at the University of Pavia (Bachelor and Master, Pavia, Italy). She obtained her PhD in 2015 at the University of Zurich in the lab of Prof. Maries van den Broek (UZH, Zurich, Switzerland).  In 2016, she was awarded the SNF Postdoc fellowship and the Marie Curie Fellowship to support her work in the lab of Prof. James di Santo (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France). In 2021 she moved to Bonn as a senior researcher to join Prof. Christoph Wilhelm lab (ICCCP, Bonn, Germany) and the COVID consortium at the University Hospital Bonn. The year later, she was awarded the Max Eder Grant for Junior Group leader and obtained a Tenure-Track Professorship at the University of Bonn. She currently lead a research team focused on understanding the metabolic adaptations and the role of tissue-resident immune cells in health and during tumor development. The Surace lab is part of different collaborative projects (SFB1399 and SFB1454) and the Immunosensation Cluster of Excellence.


Twitter: @surace_laura